Review of SHELTERED in the Albuquerque Sunday Journal

Thank you to Wesley Pulkka for the great review of my solo show, SHELTERED…..up through August 9th at the Jonathan Abrams, MD Art Gallery, a satellite of the UNM Art Museum.


Public Art Purchase for UNM TAOS

I’m really excited that some of the photogrids from my ICE PROJECT are going to be purchased for the new STEM Building at UNM Taos!


Installing the show!

Really excited to see the show going up at the Jonathan Abrams, MD Art Gallery at UNMH!

Thank you to Steve and Chris from the UNM Art Museum for hanging the work, and to Chris Fenton for putting it all together! ☺️


Save the date!

Check out the card for my upcoming solo show……opening reception, Friday, June 7th from 5-7pm.

“Rachel Popowcer’s art evolves from a particular desire for refuge, a focus on what makes us vulnerable, and a deep interest in visual storytelling and narrative. 

Her recent paintings and photographic works seek to translate and manage life events that seem difficult or unexplainable; turning them into something of beautiful relevance, that relates to a larger life fabric/context.

Incorporating imagery that may include portals, nature, written text, and repetitive patterns, she creates a space where these symbolic pictures can interact and elevate her pieces from the personal to the universal.”


Work for Upcoming solo show

I’m really close to finishing the woodburning on this painting.

I’ve probably completed a bunch of other paintings since I started this one, but woodburning takes so long and so often I do it in fits and starts.

The goal is that it’s all done (with some more painting) for my solo show in June.

ALTERED STATES, oil, woodburning, and mixed media on wood panel, 3’x 5’.

The show is at the Jonathan Abrams MD Art Gallery at UNM Hospital, which is now a satellite gallery for the UNM Art Museum.

It’s from June 3rd through August 9th, with an opening reception on June 7th from 5-7pm.



Worked on this smaller painting a bit today. Not finished yet. Thinking about subterfuge, release, transformation….

TRAP, acrylic, oil, and mixed media on panel, 14”x 18”.


More work in progress

These are some paintings on paper that I’ve been working on recently, in addition to larger paintings on panel. It’s good for me to have multiple pieces to work on at a time because it gives the paintings time to dry and evolve, and also because I always have something to keep me busy!

These two both involve mixed media; ink resist, acrylic and oil paint, micron pens, etc.

They’re about three quarters of the way done and the top image is titled, SHIELD, and the lower image is titled, THREEFOLD.


New painting on panels

I’ve only just started this, so it’ll change a lot....but this is where it’s at right now (shot at an angle because glare).

Beginning in acrylics and will finish in oils. 🎨



So this one is close to done/or definitely done.....not sure. It’s meant to be minimal. Spare.

The two panels will be framed together as one piece. Trying to finish up all the loose ends/pieces in my studio.

ROAM, oil, acrylic, and mixed media on panels, 14”x 28” (before framing). ✨



I have three of my photo grids from the ICE PROJECT in the BIOLOGIQUE show at the New Mexico Art League (one of them pictured here), which runs from Jan 15th - Feb 23rd, with a reception on Saturday, January 26th from 5-7pm.


New ice project piece

Thanks to all this wintry weather in Albuquerque right now, I’ve had an abundance of photo opportunities for the Ice Project. Here’s the newest piece. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

The backstory: ⬇️

It started when Theo was brought to a high kill shelter in Aztec, NM, when he was two years old....and then saved from Aztec with a group of dogs and brought to Watermelon Mountain Ranch, a no kill shelter in Rio Rancho, NM. 

I adopted him from there and he had a host of problems.....Giardia, he wouldn’t go on a leash, I had to carry him in and outside because he had threshold anxiety, he was scared of everything and showed signs of having been abused, etc.

He also wouldn’t eat if anyone was watching and so I always fed him outside.

When it got cold in the mornings, I would notice that the ice in his bowl had frozen and I would take it out to refill the bowl and thought that it was really beautiful.

I started photographing the ice (without manipulating it; in and around my home) as a project for myself and as a way to transform the mundane.

I’ve been doing this for four winters now.

Theo has come so far since I first adopted him. He still eats outside but he’s a really sweet dog (and a super protective guard dog!) and has overcome many of his anxieties. 

I’ll continue the Ice Project until I get at least 100 images or maybe forever, who knows...

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”


Continued progress

I'm really happy with the amount of work that I got done on this oil painting the other day. It's about halfway finished but I'm excited about the glazes and details that I'll be adding to it soon!

I'm really happy with the amount of work that I got done on this oil painting the other day. It's about halfway finished but I'm excited about the glazes and details that I'll be adding to it soon!

I'm really happy with the amount of work that I got done on this oil painting the other day. It's about halfway finished but I'm excited about the glazes and details that I'll be adding to it soon!

Nightpainting on a new piece

Working on this new oil painting....adding tons of dots to the top section before I start painting on the rest of the piece. I'm really happy with how this one is progressing. :)